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What is your future?

Welcome to Essa Careers Connect, a unique blog here for you and your parents/carers to explore up to date information that will help you make decisions on your future.

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Why is careers education important?

Careers education is crucial in building up aspiration, motivation and confidence, all of which will have a direct impact on their final results. The decisions you make during your five years at the academy will impact on all aspects of your life, from employment to finances, health and social lives. Students who are motivated on their education are more likely to have a clear understanding of what they would like to do in their future and the pathway that they need to take to achieve this.

The following BBC article explains how careers eduction has a direct impact on GCSE results.


How can you improve your careers eduction at Essa?

- Visit the careers library

- Make a one to one careers guidance appointment with Miss Milburn

- Speak to your teachers about possible career choices in their subjects

- Visit college open evenings

- Research the different job sectors and what they have to offer

Your future is yours to make! Make it count!



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