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What is your future?

Welcome to Essa Careers Connect, a unique blog here for you and your parents/carers to explore up to date information that will help you make decisions on your future.

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Updated: Mar 3, 2019

To students.

Your future starts now. Wether you are still settling in year 7 or revising for your exams in year 11 you should all be thinking and planning for your future. You can not do that without the information and resources to make an informed decision. This blog will be updated regularly with labour market information, job profiles and opportunities for you to use to make a decision about your future. There will be information to share with your parents/carers and teachers and opportunities for you to ask questions and use the knowledge that you have gained around the academy.

To parents.

This blog will have regular updated information on a wide range of career information for when your child leaves the academy. There will be information about the various qualifications and the routes that can be taken after year 11. This will help you with conversations at home with your children in supporting them to make the right decisions about their future.

Thank you

Miss Milburn



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